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Thanks for visiting ... God Bless!

We will never recover from this great loss, into chaos, our lives have become tossed!
We will never love another as we loved him!  As life without him seems so empty & dim!
As each new day will invite us to try to find the courage needed to get by!
He will always remain in our hearts as Twurp, not Dwain, a sweet child with so much love to offer!
You see, my little cousin Twurp was an angel sent to us for a short time to love!
But God missed him and his bright cheery smile and called him home to treasure as his own!
His place can never be filled as our love beats strong and always will!
And as the wind blows, he will forever engulf us with his love!
So when you peer up to the stars at night, KNOW he's looking down on you from above!

Julie Smith Curosh
May 23, 1996
Twurp also gave the ulitmate gift when his young life ended .... he was an organ donor.  A lot of lives were touched from this unselfish gift. Ironically, all his life he had problems with his one eye.  We do know that in his gift he was able to help other people with their eyesight. How wonderful is that ... that would have made him so happy too. Just another way that God does work in mysterious ways.  So in Twurp's memory please let your family know your wishes that you also want to help the lives of others and be an organ donor ...
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