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Welcome to my site. Thank you for clicking wherever you clicked to hyperlink. (As if there's any money in it, so I thank you ).

Anyway, if you're here, I bet you know something about me already coz this is not some commercial site or something that gets advertised. In fact, it's just one of those things you see on yahoo! and decide to check out. Then as you interact with people on the web, you realize having a lil sumthing about yourself on the web isn't such a bad thing. And since it's for free, why not ?

 I've put some little background about me; you know, where I'm from and stuff, photos, and so on. All the links to anything on the site are  all on this page. A few others are on the other pages.There's more to this site than meets the eye,so don't be cheated by the brevity of this home-page or by the so few links on the left.Explore it.

The content on the site will keep changing as I update, by removing or adding (or both), stuff.

This is my lil sumthing.

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Last update:16.6.2002

2002.David Ng'ang'a Wanjiru.