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There's nothing naughty or outrageous here, so if that's what you were looking for, I'm afraid I can't put anything explicit here. My folks could see it, or worse, it could haunt me after I become famous. And notice my choice of word. Not if  I become famous. No. When I become famous. I'm not full of myself or anything. It's gonna happen, believe me. Or if you like, believe it then.

I know pictures make pages large and longer to load, so, like I saw on a friend's site, I've made the site in a way you get the pictures only when you ask for them, of course by clicking on a link to them. I find it helpful as well to explain the picture, so you know forehand what it's about.

Here you go:

This is me. It's arelatively recent photo.I had taken about one or two years ago.

This is my big (and only) brother's (sibling as well) daughter.I took it while holding her in one hand and the camera in the other.She's turning three in June. She was about 8 months(I think) in this photo. Cutest girl in the world. And too smart for her own good.

This is my late mom. I know she Rs.I.P.

This is me and some of my college buddies. The one on the left is my roomie since '99.The guy with a bag is from close to home (and in this photo, he was on his way home).The other is just a buddy.I lost his double C.D and he want's me to pay him shs.2000(about $25).But I ain't paying shit. He'll never see this.All are habitual drunks.

Those are all the pictures for now.


Last update:14.6.2002

2002.David Ng'ang'a Wanjiru.