David, Rhian, Dylan and Seren Evans


Rhian's Audi


This hopeless web-page software is what is preventing me from being better at keeping this site up to date. I do apologise. One day I will get my act together and put a whole new site together using some decent software. Meanwhile, take a look at the progress of the Thatching.

The rest of the site is just the same old stuff... The video of Dylan. In this he shows some of his mother's influence -- cheeky looks, dancing eyebrows, and running up a huge international phone bill, while eating his favourite food. This is a 1.3Mb file (MPEG) so be patient when downloading. Thanks to Brand Hoff for the use of his cool digital video camera.

Not much else to report in changes to this page. The Christmas day shots are still here. To help keep you up to date with what's happening in our lives we've added a News section, and of course you can see the latest pictures of Dylan. You can also check out Rhian's car.

Autumn is here now, but we still remember the snow from last Christmas.

I wish

Thats you. You dont expect me to say anything else, do you?