Hi! Let me tell you a bit about myself:
My real name is Mercedes a.k.a. DweamGoiL from my old IRC days.  Yes, that was my old nick.
By exploring this page, you will learn how much I like to write my own fiction (my stories are posted on a separate page for your review), travel with my family (I have included some pictures here if you care to look), take care of my waistlength hair (I have included my routine and pictures for all the Longhairlovers out there), take care of my pets (they also have their own pages), and some jokes and other silly stuff as time permits me to post.

If you have any
CONSTRUCTIVE comments or concerns (sorry, but got no time for silliness from disgruntled teenagers...thank you!), please feel free to E-mail me.
Hope you have fun and that you drop by again when you have the time!
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January 18, 2005
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DweamGoiL's Web Getaway
- Long Hair

- Family: 
Rowan Michelle

Trips (family and romantic getaways)

Our Love (extremely sappy not for the grumpy...story of how Thomas & I met)

Writing (original works of fiction) / Trabajos en Espanol

Over a Slice of CheeseCake
  Want to know what I really think about current topics among other things?

The Dingbat Diaries
   A place you  can vent about all the stupid people at work!

Daguerreotype Collection

- Hiking (COMING SOON)

- Geocaching (COMING SOON)

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