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Welcome....if you here you probably know me....but in case don't, a few details about me....I am 37, Gemini, female, Pagan, premenopausal, lazy, crazy, boring, adoring Mother to my precious furbaby Shaunise. Most important thing to know about me listed last.

Now, on to the fun stuff....I started this site to have a place for my writtngs and links to places I enjoy visiting on the Web. My original site covered some of that ground as well....but also covered my time with the Site Fights as a Spirit Fairy, a time I throughly enjoyed, but alas, could not keep up with....LOL

Being the lazy, easly bored Gemini I am, it seemed easier to start over from scratch then to totally revamp the other site, so I moved on to the new, long not updated but currantly going through a major revamp thanks to my Twinnerz help site. She gave me some new fonts and helped me reaquire FrontPage Express and away I go!!! LOL

Well, that about all I can think to say right now....so I'll leave you to get to exploring the site. And as soon as Lady Violet (Twinnerz) get's her own site back up and running I will be adding a link to it...so Twinnerz, get cracking, my links are not complete without you!

Merry We Meet and Merry We Part and Merry We Meet Again

Dragon Wench Rose, aka Wendy, Wen and many other aliases


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