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My first set of speakers were Adire GrandPop! for HT. I'd built a set for a new room, and helped my brother build a set for his HT. I also threw together a set of cube subs using www.speakerpage.com amp and $26 drivers in an isobaric config.

Our new room has some wide oak trim so it looks like an old fashioned 40s house.  We thought it would be neat if the speakers matched, so I grabbed some oak trim scrap, leftover stain...

I used John K.'s and Ken Perkins Nebula series crossover (THANKS!!!!). The cabinet is .88 cuft gross, .8 net, 3/4" mdf with 1/4 oak ply all around. The front and rear baffles have an additional 1/2" birch ply, and there's a 1/2" center baffle. Rear baffle also has two wedges on the back baffle 30/60 degrees, so it's not entirely parallel with the front. Lined with egg crate foam.

The corners use 3/4" oak, built up on the front corners, with a 3/4" roundover on the corners, 1 1/4" roundover on the front.

I didn't model the baffle, but spaced using golden ratios where I could-woofer top to bottom, tweeter left-right. Ports are 2X2X12" PVC.

Dimensions were 9X14X13.75 internal, 11X16X16.25 deep external. There's some added depth for the rear wedge and center baffle.

Sound is awesome! Now I need to make a center and subs to match.
Here are some pics.
nebula1 clone just finished
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