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Wow. My page still exists.

Well, my LJ is gone, my ex just causes too much trouble in those waters.

Some of you know me, some perhaps not. Either way, there is something you
should know. I have an ex that goes out of her way to try to destroy me. She is
presently with someone, she tell me she loves me still, then proceeds to
make fun of me with others, they had a good laugh at my expense and
thought I would never find out. I did. The other party however, does not know.

My ex lied, cheated and did everything she could do destroy me, if you have heard
some rumour about me and want it confirmed, please feel free to ask. If you believe
the bullshit she made up, I dont want you as a friend anyway.

With friends like that, who needs enemies?
Anyway. I made a blog.
Here it is.
Hidden link ;)
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