(They probably work, too!)

A Luna Red - I didn't think I could tolerate industrial music before this group. Post-punk electro with some actual human sound and energy.

Max Stirner pages - Feeling spooked? This site has Stirner's The Ego and Its Own online.

A Cramps fanpage - Love those slick wackos, or you'll never make it into hell.

Dalek Beach Party - Definitely Alien Kiosk-approved.

Al Lowe's downloads - Here you can download the 1981 Sierra game Softporn Adventure, which inspired the creation of the Leisure Suit Larry title, as well as the greatest, punkiest family adventure series of all time--Space Quest. (That horrible game Bloodnet: A Cyberpunk Gothic doesn't count.)

Marshall Brain's HowStuffWorks - From four-stroke engines to space elevators, figure out how your world works. You won't visit this site without learning something.

Ken Perlin homepage - A legendary NYU professor and the inventor of the Perlin noise function, which has been used since the early 80's to create organic-looking graphics. He's been up to a lot lately; check out some of his projects.

Eric Weisstein's Treasure Troves of Science - Brief, well-written articles on basic concepts of astronomy, physics, chemistry, and other stuff.

GraphicsPapers.com - The web's largest index of graphics papers, by Paul Nettle, graphics guru.

Codepage 2.3 - A large, well-organized collection of useful programming links on everything from cryptography to games.

Melt Wizard - The D&D-emo band. Pure magic and mirth from these wizards of satire, and fine folks to boot.

Kronos Quartet homepage - "Synonymous with musical innovation, the Kronos Quartet is known for its unique artistic vision..." and it's not a bad one. Not background music, however.

Undercurrent - Keep questioning your world in the present, lest we all become corporate robots and that stuff. And here's an exciting e-journal to help you do it. On subjects from the general to the esoteric. Published three times a year by a professor at the University of Oregon.

The Absinthe Literary Review - Interesting stories, interviews, reviews, and poems on all kinds of subjects. Published seasonally. The summer 2000 short story "What Would Wernher Do?" is recommended reading.

Doug's Webpage of Doug - A good guy I know with an ever-growing website.

Guardian Unlimited - The website of the UK newspaper The Guardian.

The Nation online - The website of the weekly US news magazine The Nation, grown by folks who know what democracy should taste like. Excellent book discussions.

MotherJones.com - The website of the bimonthly news journal Mother Jones: "A legacy of raising hell, a commitment to journalism."

The London Review of Books online - Wonderful reviews published biweekly.

Lingua Franca - Dedicated to "The Review of Academic Life."

Jean-Paul Sartre at Pleasures of the Mind - Basic resources on Sartre and existentialism.

The Steinbeck Page - Take a dive into the nonteleological deep end of life.

Public Information Research Inc.: Downsize Microsoft - Contains Judge Jackson's final ruling and related articles.

Fantagraphics - "publisher of the world's greatest cartoonists."

Fathom - Informed writing by university researchers across the country.

Salon.com - Often-engaging pieces on politics, life, sex, and more.

Bravo - The film and arts TV network.

Muppet Central - The official fan-produced Henson-space in cyberspace. You'll find all your muppet friends here.

Oak Ridge National Labs nanotech dept. - Been wondering just what all this nano talk is about? Here's a place setting out to make big strides in advancing this technology.

American Microsemiconductor tutorials - What the hell is a varactor diode?! If you want to learn about electronics, and you already understand the very basics, then this is a good place to start.

Archie McPhee - Fun, wacky merchandise, cool contests, even wallpaper themes.

American Science and Surplus - If you're a person who always has a project, then this site has something you need. It's the surplus supplier on everyone's list.

Mouser Electronics - A supplier of electronic components.

Digi-Key Corporation - A supplier of digital devices.

The Jargon Lexicon - If you're a geek or computer junky, this dictionary will provide a good bit of reading you'll probably consider worthwhile. After all, who could go through life without knowing what a "spungle" or a "mandelbug" is?

superbad.com - Leave Kansas, and dare to enter another world. Not recommended if you are operating heavy machinery or may be pregnant.

National Lampoon - A pretty good humor site. Staunchly offensive.

The Jemal Show - A look into the big, bald head of a student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Changes seasonally.

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