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Excerpted readings from the

Llamantations Virtum

(New Standard Edition; compiled, ed., and trans. from the fifth-century Allamaic by a monk named Tavo and a monkey named Zeek, both of the Order Lama Glama Immaculata)

"O Glamourous Llama, Thou art so knowing, so wise, so experienced and yet so pure. As I am a raisin, You are a fully ripened grape. Seedless. Nay, greater still! You, O Most Venerial, er, Venerable Llama, are a really big fruit."

--Book of Bob 42:90210

"And so He said to Our Llama, 'Go into the unwashed, icky people, and lead your followers into the Kingdom of Camelidae, be they grifters, con men, drunkards, prostitutes, heroin pushers, arms dealers, or street performers--except for mimes. Really, what would the other guys think?'"

--How to Win Friends and Convert Infidels 8675309:3.1415927

"Blessed are the fleecemakers."

--Dromedarians 0x0000:0x00ff

'Ha, Llama! I am Allah!'

'Amalgam, Al! Atone! Be man! Shall Allah's name be Not A. Lama-Glama?!'

--Palindromians 119:911

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