About Kenny Pea...

Real Name: Kenneth William Pask
Nick Names: Kenny Pea, Sunshine
Born On: April 2nd, 1986
Sign: Aries
Location: Rochester, NY
Car: 2000 VW New Jetta GLS
Bestfriends: Mofo, Mike, Nicole, Emily
Favorite Beer: Coors Light!
Favorite Liquor: Southern Comfort
Sports: Football, Track
Biggest Success: Winning 4x8"
Idol: Billie Joe Armstrong
Hate: Fake People
Future Plans: College, somewhere.
One wish... Eiffel Tower
what I do best

So you've come to learn about me, huh? Well, I'm sorry but the sad truth is there isn't much to tell. I'm a 17 year old from Rochester, NY who is confronted with the normal teen life and usual teen angst filled life-style which is so typically fueled by MTV. I'm truly infatuated with my bestfriends and I'm a bit of an alcoholic. Music is a lot of my life and so are sports. I guess the best way to learn more about me is to read my journal, I update that a lot. If you want live action shots you can check out the pictures, sorry if I'm naked.