Bill Walsh, the man who took over a losing San Francisco 49ers team in 1979 and built it into the most successful NFL franchise over the last two decades, will provide his knowledge, experience and eye for talent to the Rynos  as General Manager. He stepped down as Vice President/General Manager of the 49ers May 2, 2001.
Ryno Team President
Minority Owner
Front Office
Well The Rynos thought this would be a perfect marrige: playboy and football.  Hef contacted Rynos owner Dan Wever after the start of the UFFA and said he would love to be a part of a solid football franchise and didn't want it to turn into the XFL so Wever sold 16% percent of the team to him for an undisclosed amount.
Team owner and CEO
Dan Wever
Assistant to the G.M
Dick Butkis
Dick Butkus the greatest middle linebacker off all time and the hardest hitter ever in the NFL.  Was hired as head coach of the Rynos and went 2-1 but that one lost was a big one.  He was removed from head coaching duties and is now assistant to GM Bill Walsh.
Vice President
As the Vice President of football operations.  Samatha handles  day to day team operations as well as coummunity and chearity work.
Samantha Joyce Wever
Bill Walsh
Hugh Heffner
Team reporter
Oscar Madison.
Oscar has no patience for taste, culture, aesthetics and other artifacts of higher civilization. If he had his choice, he would spend all his days at the racetrack, betting money on losing horses with other unshaven, drearily dressed, cigar-chomping middle-aged men whose wives have long since given up on having a fulfilling married life.  But he is one damn fine sports writer.