Ryno Riders
Front: (left to right) Colette Nicole, Chelsea
Birchall, Captain: Petra Rothenberg
Middle: Sarah Lakeman, Nanette Yap
Back: Melanie Pike, Lyndsey Nix, Erica Valenzuela
Front: (left to right) Captain: Sabrina Chaudhry, Tarah Seibert, Julieanne Gibson
Middle: Erika Graff, Kristina Garza
Back: Kimmie Angelich, Melody Marchand, Audry Hilbert
Front: (left to right) Nicole Dupler, Tiffany Burnett, Tokiko Sugitani
Middle: Faithe David, Tammy Berry
Back: Melissa Galvin, Katie Matthies, Captain: Shawnel Buitrago
Front: (left to right) Erin Stonehouse, Angela Walker
Middle: Amanda Cabral, Nina Murphy, Captain: LaShana Venice
Back: Mishell Parley, Ai Yasuda