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Welcome to D&W Studios.  Here, we make your recording dreams come true.  D&W offers a number of services ranging from songwriter demos to CD mastering.  We also offer one on one production.
About Duane
D&W Studios is  founded by Duane Hutchinson.  Duane  started in the music business by sequencing soundtracks on keyboards for songwriters who wanted to do live performances. He also perform gigs as a musician various choirs and artists.
His first live recording was with the Dennard Family out of Atlanta.

He then began to further his music career by composing and recording instrumental music for prayer and meditation.  His project entitled
Prelude to His Presence was both sold and distributed locally.

Duane's work at D&W has consisted of recording commercial radio advertisements, demos, and full CD projects.  Currently, he is working on several projects representing various styles of Christian music.