Susan's New & Improved Bakery
Susan is always making something in her bake shop, especially now that she has her new Kitchen Aid mixer available.  Shown below are just a few (and I DO mean a few) of her usual creations.
This two-layer cake was made for an Army Major that was promoted to Lt. Colonel on his birthday.

Cake was lemon with Susan's standard (
EXCELLENT) butter frosting.  A real treat!
Eric, one of the guys Susan worked around at Patch Barracks in Stuttgart, was the lucky recipient of this GREAT yellow cake.  As you might tell from the picture, he wasn't at all what one might call a "stract" army type.
This little goodie was for my daughter, Holly, on her first birthday.  Yum!

This cake was also the origin of her nickname, Holly Berry.
Another two-layer (as most of Susan's are) for a birthday.  Lettering didn't come out all that well on the picture.  Sorry 'bout dat!
In the military, everyone counts the days until leaving any particular duty station and moving on to another.  This "Tweety" was made for our family, as we were counting toward leaving Berlin.
Civilians just don't do holidays right - or, at least, that's what most military families think.  This Halloween cake was fabulous!  Chocolate cake with LOTS of icing.
For Susan, even a cupcake is an opportunity to play with the icing tips.  No such thing as an ordinary cupcake in our family.

And, you wouldn't believe some of her cookies.  They're works of art!
More pictures on the way.  Wedding cakes, bundt cakes, cookies (by the millions), lotsa goodies in this house.

Keep watching for additions.