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This site contains research gathered by myself on Michael Dwyer who was born in 1772, Camara, Co Wicklow, Ireland.  Michael became one of the best known  rebels of the 1798  Rebellion in  Ireland. This site was set up to further my research on my Ancestors and also to help other  people in  their genealogy  research.
Paula Rooney
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The Michael Dwyer Trial

The O'Dwyers in Poetry and Song
Updated  20/09/2009
Ann Dwyer my great grand mother
and the Whelan, Noctor, Rooney and Wafer Families

Descendants of Michael Dwyer

Click on the link below and follow my instructions to get to Descendants of Michael Dwyer at Rootsweb
Click on
Family Trees at the top of the page. Scroll down to the Jump to Specific data base box and type in dwyer_michael
Now click on any letter listed e.g. D for Dwyer or on LIST
Whelan family who are Ann Dwyer's  ancestors

Baptismal Cert for Ann Dwyer

Forum for Dwyer Genealogy