The following page is dedicated to Stu and Donna and their wedding day. It was truly a party that will go down in history as one of the best any of us had/has/or will ever experience. The love and friendship and family all contributed to a wonderful celebration.

NOTE: This page is graphic intensive. Please wait until all pictures load. All pictures can be clicked on for the full size and downloaded. Enjoy!

The man is so fast he can't even be caught on film!
A more beautiful bride Donna couldn't make

Here's Stu, the groom. It was such a busy weekend that this is all most of us saw of him - a quick grin amidst a blur of motion. By the way - He was late to the temple and just minutes before the wedding coordinator asked: "Now, the groom IS going to show up right?" Did anyone remember to pimp slap her for that comment?

Donna - the radiant bride. Her beauty was matched only by that of the commitment she and Stu were undertaking.

You don't know us and we were never here.
Biggie smiles everyone!

We are the Men in Black - So don't fear us, jeer us. Don't get near us, jeer us, We're the fearless. Actually, this is the Delaware contingent of Stu's wedding party. Handsome group 'eh?

Frank, the best man
Becky, his lovely wife
and Steve, Becky's little bro.

A last minute kiss before the ceremony....

Some last minute words of encouragement (and primping).....

.....And bang! you're married. We have no actual footage from the ceremony so let's move on the to important stuff: RECEPTION!!! Let me just preface this by saying it was quite a spread - from the hors-douevres, to the booze, to the band, and to the dinner it was superb in every respect. The only thing that lacked was time (I could celebrate like that forever!)

Bustin' some serious moves

Ever-so-gently places the first piece of cake in his betrothed....

.....And the stuff!!!!!

Worn as a badge of honor!

Mazel Tov!! The chair dance

Father/Daughter dance

In Closing - I'd like to say thank you to everyone! It was such a wonderful event. I am sorry that I did not have time to caption or edit all the photos.

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