Chicken Boy
ALL HAIL CHICKEN MAN!! He is venturing into the big scary world; to live in a place other than Delaware.... These pictures catalog and document the send-off festivities hosted by his friends.
: This party was held in an undisclosed location somewhere in Dewey Beach. Names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent. Any attempt to use these photos as evidence would be futile - they're inadmissable! Click to ENLARGE pics (hi-rez).
Our wonderful chefs prepared... CHICKEN! duh, what else?
Who let in the beautiful women? Now it's really a party!!!
Here's a bunch of the clowns now!
Someone cranked up the stereo and a dance party ensued... The rug-cutters got their groove on and slashed up the place. Competition was fierce and the moves were hot. Glad all the little kids were tucked into bed 'cause it got down-right nasty!
Well, some of the women went on a solo career and had a dance-off. It was the "Rican from Lincoln" vs. the challenger, "Titilating T-Money"!!
I hope all you men out there got your green backs - show these nice ladies how much you appreciate them and remember your servers....
Yes, Even more dance pictures........
No, I don't dance, have fun, or talk to anyone - it might mess up my hair!
I'm gonna smack ma' BITCH up! I'm gonna pick ma' BITCH up! I'm gonna light this mutha f***in' PARTY up
Out come the spotlights to highlight the bad people, or is it the bad people bring out the spotlights to draw attention away from them? Uhh someone's pants are slipping!
Everyone is starting to get a little tired - the night is almost over but not before a good night KISS