David K Hutchinson
State College Area School Board
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Why I'm running for school board: Public education is an important civic responsibility, one that has far reaching implications for our community. My six years on the school board have been challenging and rewarding, and I remain enthusiastic about this opportunity.
For over a decade, the following "10 characteristics of a State High graduate" have been a central part of the District's Strategic Plan. I hope to continue to work to help make this a reality.
    A responsible and involved citizen
    A clear and effective communicator
    A competent problem solver who thinks critically
    A productive individual who works independently
    One who demonstrates respect for self and others
    A user of evolving technologies
    A knowledgeable practitioner of wellness behaviors
    An informed consumer
    A responsible steward of the environment
    A participant in the arts.
To that end, these three areas are particularly important to me:

In order to be successful in their future education, and their careers, our students will need a set of skills that were not as essential 30 years ago. These so-called 21st century skills include the ability: to work collaboratively as well as independently; to communicate effectively to different types of audiences; and to apply critical-thinking and creativity to complex problems.

This same set of skills will be just as important as today's students prepare to move into their role as citizens of their communities. All our students need opportunities to exercise leadership as they work with each other, and adults, to address the issues that impact their school.

It has been demonstrated that the quality of school climate is of critical importance to the quality of education that students receive. This begins with the physical environment (lighting, room acoustics, air quality, etc.), but just as important is the school's culture: do students feel physically and emotionally safe? Are they engaged in their classes and do they feel connected to the overall school community? Are students, teachers, administrators, parents - and school board members - working together to create a positive environment for learning?