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One's right hand is called "dexter", meaning dexterous or skillful. One uses the right hand, in general, for all utilitarian purposes. In the Bible the right hand is associated with righteousness. Our Lord Himself is seated at the right hand of the Father. When one takes the oath of office, one raises his right hand to God and ends with the phrase "so help me God." ( At least they used to).

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Welcome to my website!

I don't know what your motive for visiting this site is. I mean, you won't find anything here that lies within the horizon of your needs. All you'll see here are junks and nothing more. However, if you decide to get to know me better and try to find out who I am, then this page is for you. This was personally created by me for me and for you =). Some things here are obsolete but don't take that against me. If I find the time, I'll try to make another webpage that has some sense in it. So, just wait for it. If you got some ideas on sensible web content or some hardwork for me, just contact me and I'll try to figure out if I'm wiling to make my life more miserable. Anyways, thanks for visiting this site.