Tensor's Othello Page

Tensor's Othello Page

General Othello Strategy

Beginner's Strategy Guide--by Emmanuel Lazard, translated by Colin Springer, at Gunnar's site
Supplementary Beginner's Articles--from the British Othello Federation
Mobility--by David Summers

Othello Openings

List of Openings--by Robert Gatliff (1995 revision)
Opening Strategy--by George Ortiz

General Othello Programs (Freeware)

WZebra 4.2.1--by Gunnar Andersson
Freak 5.4--by Andy Jurko
WinThello--by J. W. Spee

Othello Endgame Programs (Freeware)

Happy End III--by Gunnar Andersson and Beppi Menozzi
ICARE--by Luc Riviere and Stephane Nicolet

Othello Online

Yahoo! Reversi (Othello)

Othello Tournaments and Info

USOA Webpage
Yahoo! Mailing List for North American Othello Tournaments
World Othello Championship Winners

Othello Links

Bluez Othello Links
FDI's Othello Links
Andrea Zinno's Home Page
MidnigHt's Othello Site
Othello University

6x6 Othello

6x6 Othello has a winning strategy for white
The perfect play sequence for 6x6 Othello (Game 3)--by Joel Feinstein