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Report 1998
Eventful - Exciting - Emotional - Energetic would be how I would describe my first year as Youth Convener.
Our year began skating around the ice at Forfar and attracting some male company!  Another Four-day event brought opportunities for our young folk to discover more about their faith, themselves, their leaders and Bishop Neville. ("He`s all right, is he?").  This time together led two young people to baptism.  Four weeks later parents joined us for our Re-union and experienced some of the fun and worship we had enjoyed.
Glen Esk was the place for 24 hours of T.T.C. - Time To Chat, Time To Care, Time to Talk to Christ etc.  A happy time of fun, fellowship and growth shared by all.
In July we defied the Scottish summer and had a ball at out beach party.  3 young ladies experienced the breadth of Provincial culture at Strathallan and have since met with some of them here and as far away as the Diocese of Moray.
Our winter session began uniting us in sharing our interests, feasting with puddings (ie desserts), prayer, dance, drama, nonsense talk and a God-spot.  From this came a determination by the young people to have a roadshow of worship in any of the churches in the Diocese to build a bridge between them, the church and other young people.  Holy Rood, Carnoustie, allowed this to happen one Sunday evening (ANY OTHER OFFERS?).  A representative of our youth, myself and Fay attend the Provincial Youth Network throughout the year sharing ideas and concerns.
As I said at the beginning it has been an exciting, emotional and energetic time for me; exciting to be able to encourage our young peoples` Spiritual development and relationships within the Diocese, to reach other young people to become involved in youth events, to have fun, friendship and a sense of family.  Watching and listening to them expressing what it means for them to be part of Diocesan Youth and using their God-given gifts was a very emotional experience ("made Vina`s eyes mist up").
A big thank you to the Youth Action Group and the young people who have energised me throughout this year and to the Province and the Diocese who provided 1500, all of which has not been used yet, helping to fund the above programme.
I look forward to another exciting, emotional and energetic year.
Action Group:
Vina Strachan
Fay Lamont
Ghislaine McLean
Fiona McRitchie
Lisa Anderson
Youth Forum:
Christina Thompson
Kirsty Drumm
Nicola McRitchie
Jenny Potter
James Westwater
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