Tiger's Terrain Creative Enterprises
271 Doolittle Street
Blacksburg, SC 29702
(864) 839-4346
Tiger's Terrain Creative Enterprises was created in 2003. This is a full service secreterial and freelance business. I am Dyana Mercury, the owner of Tiger's Terrain. I have been a freelance writer for 5 years and have vast secreterial knowledge. Please leave a message in my guest book to inquire about services.
More about me:
I have written a story for BookLocker Books series "Ghost Stories". I have also anonomously written over 1000 articles that have been placed on the web. I work under the name Dyana Mercury.  I also have written articles for a college newspaper. I still continue to freelance write. My skills are proofing, editing, copywriting,article and news article writing. I also write poetry, short stories and am working on a novel.