Lady Diane de Arden
Lady Diane de Arden

The wooden door in front of you swings open onto a cheery scene.The fire in the hearth across the room from the door crackles merrily and a table in front of it is set with tea.

From a chair in front of the fire a figure rises and sets down her needlework. Towards you walks whom must be the mistress of this space. Dressed in a forest green sideless surcoat with a white underdress, a silver chain belt with a knife and an embroidered pouch, a patch of mink and braids on it, and a white gauze veil, the woman seems to float across the room to you.

"Hello traveler and welcome to my parlor. Sit, relax, and have some tea. I am Lady Diane de Arden and I am honored to meet you."

She gestures towards a man sitting at a workbench, intently squinting at a glass vase. A high pitched buzzing sound comes from the implement he is holding.

"My Lord Marc and I are members of the Society for Creative Anachronism which is our main out-of-work activity. But I do other things too..."

As your eyes scan the room you see a spinning wheel in one corner, a desk with big biege boxes (one with a glass screen in it), and a dollhouse, among other things.

"Stay and explore where ever you wish. Marc is a little jumpy... just make a little noise when you get near him."

Beside the door sits a small table with a large book on it. A fountain pen sits beside a small sign that says,"Please sign our Guestbook or read the pages."

Artwork by Tracy Stear

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