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Hi. We are not certified psychologist. We are learning and applying our knowledge of psychology as hobby. We do enjoy the challenges of assessing one's problem, we try our best to come to a decision of what your problem may be and maybe offer a solution. If not, well that's what you get for a free service. 

Some important stuff --> When you use the message board, your names will be in white and ours will be in colors other than white. That's to distinguish who the helper and who's the helpee. This will also serve as a protection against people who want to be a little mean.

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6/3/00 - Well, it seems that we have an interesting situation happening in the message board. We have a couple on the verge of ending their marriage. Many people (including the ADAPT staff and the couple) are figuring out what to make of this problem. Go in the message board and read the "divorce is pending" post. Read it, go back to this page and vote (poll at bottom of this page). If you wish, you may add to the conversations. Tell as many people as you can about this, we need all of you to contribute to this situation. Thanks!


Guidelines to follow

1. Please tell us in much detail about your situation. We need to know a lot about your situation for us to assess the situation properly.

2. Be courteous to others posting their messages. If you wish to reply to any of the messages, feel free to do so. But nothing lewd, vicious, or just plain disrespectful.

3. If you want to talk to us personally, feel free to email us (bottom of page). John's AIM screen name is doctorskizo, if you want to "talk" to him live.

Message Board

Dan | John | Carlos

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