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Download: Dye Corduroy - A Fool's Recall ( Live at the rock music show ) (1.9 mb)


page 1: Dye Corduroy

page 2: Artwork, Philos & Ghosts
he things that keep me grounded & those i keep aground

page 3: Pictures, Posts & Unsent Letters
he daylight pages, acquaintances & friends, lahore


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All of this oblivion thats crept in between; slowly i awake as slowly you unfold
Half of your summer & half of my dream; all this silence leaves nothing left to be told
( Nothing Left Apart )


Thanks : Uzma, Raja Yasser, Ahmad, Spoony, Idalis, Meshaal, Kurt, Mahwesh, Hina, Omer W., Somia, Saad, Omer M., Tony, Adeel, Pappu, Arif.

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