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6/30/2004 - For all those wondering, the Blackwing EP we've been hinting was coming and is now available for order. If you interested drop me an email to reserve you copy,. they are a Limited Press of only a few hundered copies. The EP contains songs by us,. and Lablemates Gravitron and Dirty Bird. Check Out Some of the Reviews that are coming in!! Review #1 Review #2 Review #3 --- --- Also We've got a couple of killer shows coming up at Woodys and the Southgate House in August,.so be sure to show up and drink a beer with us!!


5/11/04 - Shows, Shows, Shows.. Look at all the pretty shows!!!


***4/21/04 - Thanks for checkin in on the BirdWing,. We've been busy and the proof is in the pudding,. our summer shows are starting to line up so keep an eye on the Shows page. Also,, if you look Top Left of you're page you will notice a Link to 4walls records, Our new Label. Really great group of guys and we're very excited to be working with them. Our first release with Them is Going to be a Split E.P. Due out in May. Recording is already done, so check back from time to time and I'll try to rotate some mp3's on the sounds page. If you like to reserve a copy of the split drop me an email with your info.

3/16/04 - Birdwing is headed to Austin,TX for SXSW!!! Check out our Shows page ,. We'd love to see you there,. If not drop us a line and let us know where you're partys at!!


3/10/04 - This year just keeps getting weirder. And thats fine by us. A big thanks to everyone coming out and supporting our local shows the last few weeks. We've gotten some great response and feedback, Keep it coming. We've got more shows lining up for the spring including a couple of shows in Ausin,TX during SXSW. Keep an eye on the shows page for more details! Come check us out if you're going to be there,.. We'd love to see some familiar faces show up. Also our friends Emily Shrine are planning on coming back to town,,. and we'll be in Evansville,IN with them sometime before Derby!


1/26/04 -Birdwing hopes everyone is recovered from the holidays. We're ready to get the Rock on with a whole new setlist. Shows are again being updated on the web site, so check the dates and get out of the house. Once again we want to thank everyone for your support and we look forward to a meager existance.


12/13/03 - Yes, we Still exist. Yes, I'm a lazy shit. Yes, sucks. Yes, we're recording and will have some new audio files up soon. My favorite colors are Black and Orange.


7/09/03 - Summer is here and Rock'n'Roll is in full effect. Be sure to check out the show this Fri. at the Rud. 2 Great bands from New York Playing. One is a metal band with a chick lead singer that Rocks Balls!! You friendly neighborhood Birdwing will be opening. Also if you want some Bang for your Buck July 25th and 26th is Moms Music Festival @ Kentucky Kingdom. We're looking at around 200 local and national acts in two days. Tickets online are $18.50.


5/17/03 - Lots of shows popping up,. get yer ass out and support local music. Bang heads,. Shake asses.


3/24/03 - Spring is here! and Birdwing shows will be popping up all over the place no doubt. Be sure to keep an eye on the Shows section. Thanks to Everyone who came out for the Motherlodge show!! If you haven't yet, be sure to get a copy of the Motherlodge CD at Ear-X-Tacy. It's got an amazing amount of talent and they are practicaly giving it away. Also be sure to watch out for LMIA shows popping up everywhere. They are doing an amazing job at organizing the Louisville music scene, and are deserving of everyones support. As if all this isn't enough for one post, I'm adding a prominant Link to Beads and Billiards. If anybody is looking for a really nice custom pool cue or some accesories to help thier game, this would be a good place to start.-- Plus the Birdwing stamp of approval!


2/23/03 -- Thanks to everyone who came out to the Emily Shrine shows, there are some pictures available here. Those who did were rewarded with a great band who put on an excellent performance both nights!! Let's all be sure to keep an eye on those guys. In other news Birdwing will be headed for SXSW in March. If your going to be in Austin as well send me an E-mail and I'll let you know where we'll be playing! Also there's a benifit Cd and show planned for Ken and The Rudyard Kipling in late March. Check it out at


1/26/03 -- Birdwing would like to thank everyone for a great turnout thursday night. Your frantic dancing bolsters the collective Birdwing ego to no end. We would also like to remind everyone to come out and bring friends for one or both of the shows we are playing with the Emily Shrine. They're a great band coming here from Chicago and we need to show them it's not a waste of time to drive down here!!!


1/19/03 -- Howdy everybody!! Lots of news this time around. If you've been checking out the sounds of Birdwing and would like to own a copy of Flammable Vapors (but are reluctant to order online) you can now pick a copy at Ear-X-Tacy or Better Days Records! Or better yet, come check out one of our upcoming Shows and get a copy for less $$. -------- WLRS has been so kind as to play "Surprise Party" & it would be pretty slick if you kind folks would request for them to continue doing that. So if your feeling froggy, Jump On It! Also the Links section has been updated with a whole bunch of cool sites. Check them out!!


1/05/03 -- Happy New Year from the BirdNest!!! With Mr. Starlake working full time as our promoter, you can look foward to several shows in the next couple of months. Until then if you still haven't got a copy of our cd --Flammable Vapors, you can now get a copy from our site. Or just click here.


11/19/02 -- Thanks to everyone for stopping by. Due to your enjoyment of our MP3 site we currently have 2 of the top 10 Doom Metal songs in

Louisville Ky on!!!! Not to mention the #23 New country song in Louisville, Ky on!!! As a side note, all you ladies

be sure to order your thong now so that you get it in time to wear to our next show!!


11/2/02 -- Welcome, and thanks for stopping by. The Birdwing website is now active in it's "BETA" stage.

No doubt many changes will be made in the near future, so keep checking back! In the meantime check out the rest of the site.

Songs are available for download or stream via in the sounds section. The first Full-length Birdwing cd- FLAMMABLE VAPORS

is done and will be available on this site soon!