Welcome to the Great Gates Adventure 
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Inside will be images and reference material pertaining to the "Great Gates Adventure" run by Michael McPartland for the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 d20 System. Starting level was 4th with the game going into Epic levels. Below will be a list of references, please click on the text to view that reference topic. If there are any problems with the website please contact me at your earilest conveniance at;
Rohirrium Kingdom (BrightBlades Lands)
Rohirrium Kingdom Map
Rohirrium Kingdom Device
BrightBlade Keep (Rohirrium Capital City)
BrightBlade Keep Catacoombs Level 1
Brightblade Keep Catacoombs Level 3
BrightBlade Keep Catacoombs Level 7
Enterance to the UpperDark
Drow Caverns
Drow Outpost Eizerandali