Dygtal Tribe Films
Dygtal Tribe Films
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Welcome to dygtal tribe films. We are a film company that specializes in "NO" budget film making, because the so called "Low Budget" independent films are still too expensive, with the exception of "El Mariachi" which still remains the one and only true low budget feature.
We believe that passion is our most valuable asset.  Working relentlessly to put a project together without getting paid or recieving benefits... No I take that back, we do gain benefits, and it is primarily that pleasure you get when you are viewing a finished project.
In the past, we've made various short films, and we still paln on making many more, but at this time we are focusing on making a full lenght feature...without a budget.
We will shoot using digital camcorders...everything we shoot is on the digital formant, hence the proclaimed company name "Dygtal Tribe" a community of digital filmmakers.
Please keep checking with us routinely for more updates on our various projects. As you can see we are still growing, and we would like you to come along on this important journey.  Thanks.
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Name: Tolu Awosika
Email: Tolu@dygtaltribefilms.com
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