rick is dying from debt
rick's dying from debt

Hey guys.  im just your average joe.  ive been working at burger king for a few years now and really want to get a new job.  the problem is as much as I save I can barely make my bills.  i just need a little kick start so i can get out of this rut.  i'm a really smart guy!  im graduated from high school and everything.  i just need to save up a few bucks to take a few classes and i think i can help myself.  so help me help me.  please donate.

i promise you i'm not another bum just looking for some quick bucks. this isnt like those dudes on the street looking for booze. im using your money to educate myself and contribute the best to society. i will be there fixing your vcr or driving your ambulence. but only with your help.

i need money.  get me out of this debt rut!
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Name: rick johnson
Email: dyingfromdebt2000@yahoo.com