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Hi I am Dykie (also known as Robyn)
I am an Australian woman, in my forties and I live in Sale (Gippsland), Victoria.  I have a daughter who is already a young adult and I love life, especially when Rhiannon (my daughter) and I get to spend time together having fun. I also have a wonderful foster son who is 9 1/2 (end 2008) and has been l iving with me for nearly two years, his name is Bailey
I am "out" as a lesbian, and extremely proud of it.
I haven't had much of a chance in a while to chat, but I enjoy meeting people on the net, and learning about different cultures immensely.

Above is my picture (taken in 1998) with my daughter Rhiannon at Pride March Victoria. (Here Rhi is a cute 10 years old)
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