A little about me is I'm a short little kid about 5'2, 12 years old and I really love to play tons of sports. Those sports include Football, Basketball, Baseball, Snowboard and Skateboard and I think there's more. I can't remember.

     One of my biggest passions is skateboarding. I do it everyday in the summer unless it is raining out but even then I go into my dad's garage and skate. I love to skateboard with my friends. They to love to skateboard. We always go to the skate park and have tons of fun.

     Another one of my passions is basketball. I always play it. I even in the winter I shovel the driveway or put on my gloves and go shoot some hoops. The reason I love to play basketball is because I love to jump. It sounds kind of funny but when my mom and dad took down my tramp I was so mad. Playing basketball is so fun

     The reason I like snowboarding is because when we went to mission ridge and I learnt how to do some stuff that I never knew how to do before. Next winter at the starting I might be getting my very own snowboard!!! Hahaha :P