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In a small Northern Ontario town, 
On a Sunday morning, the air is crisp. 
Awakened by the sound of revving engines, 
Unaware of what lies in the mist.
Friends and I roared down a wilderness road. 
Reaching the wooden cabin before ten o'clock, 
Our ski-doo club was in need of great repair. 
To work we went, fighting against the clock.
Packing our stuff, heading back to town, 
We'd stopped for gas and chatted a while. 
Driving away, side by side on a gravel road, 
At speeds of 60 MPH, we felt free and wild.
A moment of inattention and my fate was sealed. 
Looming straight ahead of me was a hydro post. 
Steering the motorbike between the post and the wire, 
In the air I went, hoping for the most.
Tall, wheat-like grass lay ahead of me, 
My back wheel connected with a hidden rock. 
I catapulted through the air like a trapeze artist. 
Upon impact, numbness left me in a state of shock.
Left paralyzed from the waist down, 
I'm learning a new way of life. 
It has been twenty-six long years, 
With every passing day, I'm holding on. 

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The portrait below clearly shows that if an individual has dreams and they really believe in themselves, plus the support of family and friends; they can attain their goals in life. If you're one of them; therefore, do whatever is humanly possible to reach the top.

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