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Doug's Homepage
Hi, you've somehow stumbled onto the personal website of Doug Dylla.  I currently live in Iowa City, Iowa and am a graduate student in genetics at the University of Iowa.  My hobbies include waterskiing, JetSkiing, skiing, hunting, fishing, sports, playing SOCOM II online.  Another of my hobbies is simulated fantasy baseball leagues.  I am the owner of the Duluth Genetic Freaks of the Ace Virtual Baseball League (AVBL) and also am the commishioner of the Hawkwar Virtual Baseball League (HVBL).  I also play baseball during the summer for the Des Moines A's of the Mid Iowa Baseball League and 2003 was my 3rd season with the team.
Most exciting is that in April I will be getting married to Amanda and then honeymooning in Maui and San Francisco.
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Research- As I said, I am a graduate student at U of Iowa.  Currently, I work in Dr. Paul McCray's lab.  I am investigating improving the apical transduction of human airway epithelia with lentiviral vectors.  Specifically, Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus (LCMV) glycoproteins pseudotype FIV efficiently and confirm apical transduction patterns.
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