Dylon's 5 book

This album starts April 4, 1999 and will continue through out the rest of Dylon's life April 28, 2000.  I am really proud that I have most all of his photos scrapped.  The only thing that is not scrapped is his birthday party which was April 8, 2000 and his funeral service May 1, 2000.  It may be a very long time before I am able to scrap these pictures but I do hope to include these to complete Dylon's life.

Dylon's birthday was on Easter this year.  This is only 2 days after he came home from the hospital after his 52 day stay.  Jennifer and Josh dyed Easter eggs with him.

After they dyed Easter eggs we celebrated Dylon's birthday!

This is Dylon when he is suppose to be going to sleep!

The dreaded surgery.  This is when Dylon got his feeding button.  It was so hard going back to the hospital after already spending almost two months there this year.

We had Dylon's birthday party May 22,1999, after he was completely healed from his surgery.

4th of July 1999

Dylon really surprised us by enjoying the graduation hat!  He really like to swing that tassel

I must confess!  I had this layout all planned out BEFORE I took the pictures.  I had to look everywhere to find the cows for the pictures!

Dylon's first day of School and his supplies!

Dylon had attend the South Arkansas Developmental Center for five years.  It was really hard saying good-bye to everyone.  But we had to move on up to the public schools.

These are some of my favorite pictures!  We were going out of town to eat, and this flower stand was set up along the road.  I just happened to have his chair in the car so we stopped and made our picture.

This was the Dylon's Halloween party.  We took the frames to school for the kids to make during the Halloween party

Dylon dressed as Blue for Halloween!  This is my favorite layout!

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