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Hello and welcome to my website.  My name is Dymond~Mom, better known as Karen.  I am so glad you took the time to stop by and visit my site.  I am new to making webpages and just recently acquired Paint Shop Pro 6.  In these pages you will find graphics that I made with Paint Shop Pro. Yes, in some of the images, I have used tubes.  No, I am not claiming that the tubes are mine.  There are also Dings in my pages that I used to create background sets.  No, I am not claiming them as mine.  These pages and images are here for you to enjoy and to see what I have accomplished with Paint Shop Pro and the use of third party filters and plugins.  I in no way want to claim anything that I didn't originally create, as my own.  My purpose is to share what I have put together and to share the images that I have created from scratch. The LAST thing I want to do, is to infringe on someone's copyrights.  If you see something here that you feel is a copyright infringement, please let me know.  I think it is only right that the original artist get proper credit for their hard work or have the item removed at their request providing of course that they can prove the work to be their own original work.  I want this site to be fun and not turn into a hassle over what is displayed here.  I am not out to steal anyone's glory.  Just to share what I have learned. 

There will always be new things added to this site as I make them.  Check back often to see what's new. 

I have just recently signed up with two online graphics groups.  The
PSPUG offers community activities, a message forum, tutorials, resources, an online Self-Learning Program, contests and many other neat things.  Graphic Buds offer challenges for members, message forums, tutorials, resources, contests and a whole lot of other neat things also.  Both groups are very friendly and very helpful in learning how to create your own graphics and I am very proud to be a member of both groups.  Membership is absolutely free for both groups.  Sound interesting?  Check out their websites!    PSPUG    Graphic Buds
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