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Uptade by: Saurapod99
Date: 3/11/01

I've go a new look, but you knew that already.
*looks around the page* Some of the pages have
centred text, I'm in the process of fixing that.
I'm down on the Top 50, but I've risen to 2 in the
PMGS Topsites.

Uptade by: Saurapod99
Date: 31/10/01

Happy Halloween, or any other suitable phrase.
Affiliate time! I got RCPS after *gasp* a few
whole days of this site. I also managed to get
into the top 50 - number 4. *Is very, very, happy*
*Trick-or-treater arrives at door* *not so happy*

Uptade by: Saurapod99
Date: 30/10/01

Ry2j sent me a banner to use if I ever get
an affiliate (hint hint) and I'm probably going
to get some more stuff...(hint hint hint). Pretty
much the entire site is up, only the Archives page
and the Games stuff to go. And about PFUK's mouth in
his Fakes...that is entirely due to errors whilst resizing
the image.

Uptade by: Saurapod99

Scizor Island has entered it's second generation!
If you kept checking back, you'll have noticed that
I had not updated S.I. for a...month. That's because I
once again reduced my PC to the repair shop for a month.
Anyway, S.I. is back.
If you want something mentioned, have any articles, TGC / GB
strategies, images, graphics, fanfics or anything else, send it to me
at and if it's any
good, I'll put it on the site.
*Remembers* I've put up three extra parts of The Great Aerodactyl of
Giza to make up for lost time.