Sidekick's Rule...mentor's are so Electra-history!

Electra-wow!! Whats this, I expected to find another ElectraWoman and DynaGirl page!!

Very short version of the story.. I was once the partner to like that total square ElectraWoman. But like, the fates looked down and said "Like man that Dyna-chick is just to foxy to be forced into doing that justice gig for the rest of her life" So I got a reprive from like growing up some 9-5 safety Nazi like Electra-trout. Thanks to the main man with the plan.. his majestey of manic melody.. Glitterrock. He like totally set me free from the drab life that my mentor had laid out for me!

I'm back again, and after taking ElectraBase for my own (If you dont think that was hard you try getting a fat guy out of your basement when he doesnt wanna go) we can get on with plan numero Uno!! What plan is that you ask? Im So Electra Glad you did!!!

Like, the plan is simple... To take over the world and make it a groovetopia for my main man in green and all the rest of us. His loyal hencmen and sidekick's!! Then it'll be like, party the night away on Disco and Crime! Yup.. Crime..( Ooh it's just feels so good to be bad!) But I'm getting ahead of myself again kiddies. If you want to know more about me and how sweet impressionably me turned to the darkside check it the origin!..It's a groove and a half..... I Electra-Promise! But, If you just wanna read the vidcaps from Caption this .. hit the CrimeScope link..and try to withstand the mind control laced confections therein!

Electra Far-out I'm back in the Saddle again!!




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Remember kids... Dark_DynaGirl sez: Evil is like "Electra-Spiffy!"