The Dynamic Graph Utility, a Free Applet to Enhance You Web Pages

The Dynamic Graph Utility

This java powered web tool will add impact to your web site by displaying whatever numbers you feed in as graphs. It is very easy to implement using simple HTML.

How to use the Dynamic Graph Utility

To use the Dynamic Graph Utility on your web page simply include the following HTML tags:

<APPLET CODEBASE="" CODE="graph.class" HEIGHT=180 WIDTH=400>
(You can alter the height and width to whatever you want)

(Use to specify the upper limit for your graph)

(The number of pixels to the left of their ticks which the 'x' axis labels begin at. Increase for long lables.)

(Number of 'x' axis labels.)

<PARAM NAME=Lab1 VALUE="Jan-99">

<PARAM NAME=Lab2 VALUE="Apr-99">

<PARAM NAME=Lab3 VALUE="Jul-99">...etc.
(These parameters specify the 'x' axis labels you want displayed on your graph. There should be as many labels as are specified in the "NumberOfLabs" parameter.)

<PARAM NAME=LineColor_R VALUE=255>
(These 3 parameters specify the Red-Green-Blue values for the color of the graphing line to be drawn. Use values between 0 and 255.)

<PARAM NAME=NumberOfVals VALUE=30>
(You can alter the value to whatever you want - this determines how many points will be shown on the graph)

<PARAM NAME=Val1 VALUE="29.1">

<PARAM NAME=Val2 VALUE="12.5">

<PARAM NAME=Val3 VALUE="10.3">...etc.
(These parameters specify the values you want displayed on your graph. There should be as many values as are specified in the "NumberOfVals" parameter.)


Also available: the dynamic pie chart utility.

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