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Welcome to Dynamic Hound™ Studios official website. This site has been made ergonomically in order to reduce eye stress. This is my first attempt to complete a site with interface design. The site will be updated frequently, therefore please check back often. By the way, feel free to send me any comments, questions or suggestions about the site. Thank you. Now, enjoy your visit !

Here is some brief intro:

Home section- This page!

News section- Contains latest information on updates of the site. ( new files uploaded, new links, etc )

About section- Contains information about the webmaster, (that's me!) and other info of the site.

Gallery section- This section contains my designs and some graphic collections.. ( electronic greetings, wallpapers, pictures, photos etc ) 

Contact section- Establish connection with me. ( send me comments, suggestions, questions or just make friends with me ) 

Misc section- Contains miscellaneous and free stuff on the web. ( links,  shareware, freeware, MP3s, software, downloads, etc )



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Dynamic Hound™ Interface 
That's what we call High-Tech! ®
Version 1.11M




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Recommended system requirements:
-Windows 98 or later.
-Pentium 100 or better.
-32 MB RAM.
-Graphics card and monitor capable of
 800x600 resolution & 16 bit color depth.
-56K modem  or greater.
-Java scripts and Applets supported
 internet browser.
-Mouse or compatible pointing device.





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