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News Update [27 March 2000]

< Text links errors fixed >

Gallery Section:
Art work gallery has been terminated >
I regret to tell that I've closed the art work gallery because I don't have enough time to do all this. I'll try to bring out the best in E-greetings and wallpapers gallery. Check back soon! Thank you for visiting.

Misc Section:
< New Cool Links added >
Cool links added---> Another killer site, Malcolm's homepage! It is cool, awesome...go and check it out!



History [28 Feb 2000] 

< All HTML files being uploaded >

Misc Section:
New Cool links added >
Cool links added ---> useful web resources! 

< Download sites >
Goodies on the web
---> Drivers, Shareware, etc. Free Stuff!
< Real Audio Songs >
Links to Oasis Real Audio files!
MP3 links >
Download MP3s! Includes Billboard top 50, Channel V top ten MP3s, etc.




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I like Sunday Morning Call and Where Did It Go Wrong...

Oasis new album, "Standing On the Shoulder Of Giants". Get it now!






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