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"How we age is governed by the quality and quantity of our experiences - especially as they relate to movement."
Henry Gillit, D.C.

Dynamic Massages specializes in sports therapy and stress relief massage, remedial therapy and aromatherapy.

Massages are a relaxing, refreshing way to rejuvenate your mind and body. First-timers will experience various muscle sensations while repeat patients notice changes in their body as knots and stress disappear.

There are numerous beneficial mechanisms at work during a massage - it increases the metabolism, aids healing, relaxes and refreshes the muscles while improving the flow of the lymphatic system - an important part of the bodies immune and detoxification systems. The delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells can increase 10-15% as it enhances the removal of metabolic wastes.

The massaging action directly increases blood flow to the worked areas, allows the muscles to relax through the proprioceptive reflex (the reflex that allows your antagonistic muscles to relax during normal movement) which in turn leads to lower ergic tension (psychological feelings of stress).