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"How we age is governed by the quality and quantity of our experiences - especially as they relate to movement."
Henry Gillit, D.C.

-   Shiatsu

-   Deep Tissue

-   Sports Massage

-   Swedish

-   Reflexology

Body Products
I offer the option of oil or lotion, along with aromatherapy. I use only the best products for your skin, including Biotone Dual Purpose Massage Crème. My aromatherapy collection consists of 100% essential oils from L’Occitane and Elizabeth Van Buren.

Massage Equipment & Supplies
I use an Oakwork portable, full size massage table which is generously padded and has an adjustable head rest. Included are my own supply of sheets, blankets and bolsters to make you more comfortable. I use a collection of relaxing music to help set the atmosphere.

Repertoire of Techniques
I adapt my massage techniques to cater to your body's needs, drawing from my knowledge of many unique styles to give you the most beneficial massage possible. The body is always undergoing change whether from too much or not enough activity, poor sleeping habits and most commonly - stress. Massage is not a cure but it can help you treat these injuries and prevent new ones from occurring.