Mikes Monday Morning Motivational Message





"Let us become the change we seek in this world."

-         Mohandas Gandhi



I started sending “Mikes Monday Morning Motivational Messages (MMMMM)” in August 2001.


Since then, my address book has grown to such an extent that I now send almost 1000 sms messages per week.


I have so far provided this service without any sponsorship or financial backing from anyone. Unfortunately, this is now costing me a fortune to run, and I have produced this page simply to ask for HELP.


If you would like to help with the finances, I would appreciate a donation from you.  It has been suggested that I should ask for £50 per annum, but instead I would prefer to leave that decision to your discretion.  You can click here to offer whatever amount you feel this service has been worth to you.


Please feel welcome to forward the text messages to anyone you like.  I would be happy to add your friends to the list.  Simply send me an email here to add a friend.


Of course, this is an ideal opportunity to amend your mobile number, or ask to be removed from the MMMMM.  Email me here.


If you would like to send a testimonial on any aspect of your life that has improved or action that you have taken as a result of receiving your MMMMM, I would LOVE to know.  Please email your testimonial here.



(any amount)


 (£20 donations)


(any amount)


Please note, any amount donated is very much appreciated




All truly great people are known

for what they gave

not what they got








The Ripple effect

“Never underestimate the influence

of your words and actions”

 - DynamicMike





 Life will NEVER be the same again!



I love your MMMMMs and send quite a lot onto my daughter - she says ' oh mummmmmmmmm but reads them anyhow.
Have a great break - you deserve it after all your input and 'contribution' - AR would be proud of you.
Best wishes
Clare Jenkins