Cpayscom2 Online Casino

Cpayscom2 Online Casino

The second SEO Contest by "Cpayscom2 Online Casino" is the keyword to rank for.

After the success of the first SEO Contest by where the keywords were "cpayscom online casinos" they decided to organise a second SEO contest and this time the keywords to rank for are "Cpayscom2 Online Casino".  The new keywords do not differ much from those of the last contest and this is what makes it more difficult to rank for.

The contest will end on the 1st February 2007 @ 12:00 GMT

#1 position on MSN: $10,000
#2 position on MSN: $2,000
#3 position on MSN: $1,000
#4 - #10 position on MSN: #100


#1 position on $1,000
#1 position on $ 1,000


#1 position on Google: $1,000
#1 position on Yahoo: $1,000

At the two check-up points during the contests, additional prizes will be given:
October 1 2006 : $1,000 - #1 MSN
December 1 2006 : $1,000 - #1 MSN


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