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Pacific Division
Team Rec. W%
LAC 11-4 .733
SAC 10-5 .667
LAL 8-5 .615
PHO 7-6 .538
GSW 6-11 .352
Player: - -
Injury: - -
Length: - -
Lakers Last Game
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
Lakers 30 25 27 24 106
Spurs 25 34 21 21 - 101
Los Angeles Lakers
K. Bryant
33 points, 14/28 FG
7 assists
15 first quarter points
L. Odom
13 points, 6/13 FG
14 rebounds
8 assists
San Antonio Spurs
T. Parker
20 points, 9/23 FG
8 assists
T. Duncan
15 points
12 rebounds
Utah Jazz
Season Series:
Division Rank:
Conference Rank:
Home Record:
Bryant Works Past Bowen in Lakers Win
ESPN Line: Nuggets Lose Martin for a Week Due to Separated Shoulder

"We are really growing a faster pace than many people expected. Obviously, the consistency isn't there yet, but people can see what we are capable of. We came in here and beat the NBA champions and we are still only a month into the season." ---Kobe Bryant


"Everytime Bruce went out for a rest and it was my turn to switch to guard Kobe, I thought to myself 'How does Bruce do this?' Kobe's just go so many moves that it's hard to predict what he will do." --Manu Ginobili

Lakers Leaders
Stat Player PER
PPG Kobe Bryant 31.7
APG Kobe Bryant 6.8
RPG Lamar Odom 11.6
SPG Smush Parker 2.1
BPG Chris Mihm 1.6
Spurs Leaders
Stat Player PER
PPG Carlos Boozer 22.1
APG Deron Williams 4.5
RPG Carlos Boozer 10.2
SPG Andrei Kirilenko 2.4
BPG Andrei Kirilenko 2.5
League Scoring Leaders
Player PPG
Kobe Bryant 31.7
Dirk Nowitzki 31.2
Kevin Garnett 29.8
League Passing Leaders
Player APG
Tony Parker 9.1
Allen Iverson 8.9
Chauncey Billups 8.8
League Rebounding Leaders
Player RPG
Kevin Garnett 14.6
Dwight Howard 12.4
Tim Duncan 12.1
Minutes Leaders
Player MPG
Joe Johnson 41.1
Chris Paul 40.9
Paul Pierce 40.7
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