Dynojet Upgrade - Upgrade Your Old Dynojet Dyno Today!

Upgrade your existing Dynojet Model 100, 150 or 200  to a Load Control,  Absorption Dynamometer with and eddy current absorber from Hell Fire & Dynostar

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  • Eddy current brake with cross flow intake and exhaust air system--limits the need for long cool down runs.

  • S-beam strain gauge for real time torque readings -- standard, not an expensive option.

  • Built in weather station -- standard.

  • Four times the resolution of your existing Dynojet dyno.

  • Verifiable torque via simple strain gauge calibration routine.

  • Engine rpm readings without tach hook up.

  • Perform automated step-and-hold tests at rpm point you desire

  • Perform manual steps and manual holds at any rpm

  • Simulate additional inertia and add extra resistance for high output motorcycles.

  • Wind resistance simulation mode--exponential load increase with mph

  • Real time wheel slip measurement

  • Rapid response closed loop control system--fast response even with existing high inertia drum option

  • Eddy current brake configurable to perform auto or manual braking at end of test run

  • Open existing Dynojet run files in the Dynostar--ADS software

  • User scalable graphs

  • Optional inductive engine RPM pickup

  • Optional throttle position reader.

  • Optional wide band exhaust analysis--uses easily obtainable Bosch LSU4 sensor. Owners are not tied to a $600 factory special.

  • Optional Exhaust gas temperature reading.

  • The brilliance of European engineering combined with superior Dutch craftsmanship

More Reasons to Upgrade Now

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