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Dohoon Kim is currently a Fulbright visiting scholar at the interdisciplinary program of the Telecommunications, Operations Research, and System Science in the Moore School of Engineering and Applied Science of the University of Pennsylvania.  He is a member of ISOC (Internet SOCiety), PAC (Protocol and Address Committee) of APAN-KR (Asia Pacific Advanced Network-KoRea), INFORMS (INstitute For Operations Research and Management Science), and KMIS (Korea Management Information Systems Society).  His research interest is the collaborative e-business infrastructure and the value chain management in the captial-intensive, network-based service industries: in particular, ISP and Internet service industries.  The current research focuses on 1) Service Level Management (SLM) for ISPs, ASPs, and enterprise networks, 2) ISP interconnection and peering, 3) network outsourcing and VPN (Virtual Private Network) optimization, and 4) Internet economics and policy.


He received his Ph.D. in Operations Research with application to Information Technology and Network Management from the Graduate School of Management at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), M.S. in Operations Research and Management Science from KAIST, and Sc.B. in Economics with Computation and Statistics as sub-major from SNU (Seoul National University).  He entered SNU with scholarship awarded and graduated with honor (Magna Cum Laude).  When he was a graduate student, he was affiliated with the Center of Telecommunications Management and Policy (CTMP) at KAIST and worked on network optimization, network planning, telecommunication economics, and strategy development for Internet services as a research and teaching assistant.  For the last three years at the CTMP, he was virtually responsible for setting up research plans and formulating some LOPs to win the research fund competitions supported by the Korean government and public/private research institutes in Korea. 


In his previous professional experience, he worked for Interlink Corp. (Seoul, Korea), a venture company providing various industries with Internet-based system integration solutions.  As as a part time technical consultant at the company, his consulting and research works were primarily in developing an Internet-based networking solution for small business units and ranged from IT strategy analysis to technology choice and system evaluation/optimization.  He has also taught both undergraduate and graduate courses on statistics, operations research, intermediate computer science, computer communications, and network analysis and design at some universities in Seoul, Korea. 


His research has earned six undergraduate/graduate student research awards including the M&M (Mobile and Multimedia) research paper award co-sponsored by SK-Telecom and Donga Daily Newspaper, 1999.  His work has also appeared in academic international journals and conference proceedings including Telecommunication Systems, P&QNet, International Teletraffic Congress, Korea OR/MS society, INFORMS, Korea/Japan joint conference on MIS and Office Automation.  Right now, he is primarily working on extending earlier works on the value chain management of the ISP industry, and conducting researches on the optimal SLM for the seamless Internet-based B2B infrastructure and questions at the intersection of IT, network technology, operations research, and service operations management.  Over the last year, he has been extensively studying the XML and agent technologies to investigate possible ways of the on-line, real-time implementation of network policy coordination among various players in the Internet service value chain.  In particular, he is exploring the general service ontology and the parameter mapping/exchange mechanism, which deepen the understanding of the nature of e-business, thereby, help to shape and develop a new value proposition for alternative delivery systems of Internet transaction (such as web transactions for secure e-banking, e-procurement, bandwidth exchange/buying/selling, and others so-called Internet services architecture).  He believes that the Internet-based collaborative infrastructure will lie at the heart of information strategy, IT management, and e-business.


In his spare time, he loves to listen the classical music and take a walk with his family.  He spent five years as a violinist of KAIST chamber orchestra and RACE (Rubato Amateur Chamber Assemble).


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