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Updated 10/23/2004
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Hi, I know an update was due, so here it is!  Its October!!  I can't believe that the summer is over.  I went to South Carolina this past August, that was fun (most of the time).  I do have to say the weather was perfect, so we were lucky we didnt get caught up in any of those bad storms.  I have a new job, I am working at a Kidstop (boys and girls club)  I am the assistant program manager.  I have to say I love this job!  Working with kids is a blast!  Sure does beat my old job!!!  I have posted some updated pictures if you are interested check them out! 
Alex, you will be remember forever.  Your life touch so many lives, you were a blessing from God, and I will miss you everyday of my life until we meet again.

Love your sister
Alexander Paulson  1/10/81-3/23/03
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