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The True Hidden 3D Design Software

for Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT

True3D version 1.5

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Welcome to True3D -- a powerful and user-friendly design software for creating true 3D graphics.

The true hidden 3D image is also known as single Image Random Dot Stereograms(SIRDS), or Single Image Stereogram(SIS). By focusing your eyes behind the image, you can see true 3D image without need for special glasses or equipment.

The true hidden 3D image design can be greatly facilitated by the use of the appropriate software: True3D. The True3D uses advanced algorithms and offers different options and tools for design hidden 3D images. By using the True3D software, you can build your own stereogram galley, create unique posters and postcards...

The new version - True3D 1.5 features options for importing DXF file, zooming, and rotating 3D models in 3D space.



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Last updated on September 4, 1999